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Université de Victoria 

On Being Here to Stay:
A conversation on resolving political relations between Indigenous Peoples and the Canadian State.

The 150 anniversary of Canadian Confederation has brought calls for celebration as well as calls for critique. For those who live in polities unproblematically linked to the legacy of British rule, of these, one (of perhaps only two) that stands out is that between Indigenous peoples and the settler state.  We know well that, even according to English law, Indigenous peoples had political sovereignty and that this status was not annulled by treaty or by legal fiction.  Yet, here we are, living in a world that presumes this happened.  At the same time, we are coming to understand that, as today, there were those within the settler community who rejected this approach and sought to build relations on the understanding to be here to stay must first rest on the consent of those already here, and then building a partnership with them.  My recent research has shown that the first decade after Confederation presented a moment of contestation between these points of view.  In this presentation, I seek a conversation on how to move forward, and in that context will introduce the now nearly forgotten position adopted by those who worked in Confederations wake to ensure that the state would be built through alliance and not domination. For I have found that their engagement offers us much to reflect on as we search for a just way to move forward now some 150 years later.

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Date et heure
Mercredi 22 février 2017 à 14 h

Pavillon Desjardins, salle 2320